The Naimuri Summer fun day!

Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead | 19/07/2022

Last weekend (16th July 22), Naimuri held a ‘Summer Family Day’ at Wildshore, Delamere, on one of the hottest days of the year!
It was organised by Sadie Towey, Executive Assistant to the Managing Director.

Sadie shares her thoughts on the day and some of the amazing feedback from the Naimuri team…..

Well, what can I say? Without a doubt the Summer family day at Wildshore, Delamere, went down a treat. When I first came up with the idea, I did worry about a number of things…

  • Am I excluding people?

  • Will people want to hurl themselves into a lake?

  • Will it absolutely pour it down in the typical British fashion?

    However, when I arrived and the Sun was shining and people turned up with their partners, friends, children and even their doggies, I needn't have worried. Everyone was smiling, laughing and thoroughly embracing the activities we had organised.

People were making new friendships with colleagues they may never have met in person before, enjoying some family time in the sun and no one minded that they were doing something as a company on a Saturday.

New employee (Dan Green) really stood out for his skills on the Wakeboard, compared to some of us who just ended up with sore arms and a lot of water up our nose!

The feedback after the event was more than I could have hoped for!

‘Couldn't have picked a better day for the weather. Fantastic day, I really enjoyed it.’ and ‘Fantastic day, even though it was a lot of hard work, it was also a whole lot of fun. Sore muscles today though!’.

‘Naimuri is more than a job, it has a real family vibe to it too. The culture here is so important and today was top banana. A family event at Delamere Wildshore. When you want some down time on your own or with your friends and family I would highly recommend this to recharge the batteries. Thank you for organising a great event Naimuri, my family and I loved it ❤️.

Nothing beats seeing everyone leaving tired and happy!

Here's to the next event and the Naimuri family culture thriving.

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Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead


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