Unlocking the
value of data

Our vision is to revolutionise national security, intelligence,
and law enforcement through the use of technology.

We’re the company everyone wants to work with.


Working to make the UK a safer and better place

Our dedicated approach to technology services, cyber and information security services and business change consultancy can help you achieve this through ever-evolving technology, culture and processes.
‘nai’ meaning ‘not’ | ‘muri’ meaning ‘overburden’

Our mission is to ensure our

customers are ‘not overburdened’.

We are a team of highly experienced technology development experts, united in our mission to keep our country safe. Through our unique DNA, we work collaboratively with UK Intelligence, National Security Establishments, the Law Enforcement Sector and Defence Intelligence Organisations to extend their efficacy through the innovative use of technology.



Constantly exploring new ways of working, our aim is to help our customers become more insightful, more effective, more collaborative and more secure (without unnecessarily reinventing any wheels …).



All our technical innovations are inspired by
mission-need and prototyped to demonstrate the
art of the possible. Once the customer is happy we make it a reality.


Many may claim to be agile, but we think, live and breathe it instinctively. We’ve gained a reputation for speed and effectiveness, delivering within days what others can take weeks or even months to achieve.

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We're the company everyone wants to work with.

People driven

By employing the best, training them best, and treating them best, we know we will continue to be the best at what we do.

Small & perfectly formed

Our pioneering start-up mentality keeps us lean and agile in our mindset and in our work.