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We have an enviable reputation for handling and modelling vast amounts of data quickly and securely.

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We are proud of the enviable reputation we have built for handling and modelling vast amounts of data quickly and securely.

This experience of handling huge volumes of complex data has enabled us to develop a unique data lifecycle approach, which we now use across all our data engineering projects. Coupled with our proprietorial data analytics platform, we regularly find answers to questions that were previously unanswerable.

  • Data lifecycle approach:

    • Using open source intelligence and tooling to identify value from data as quickly as possible.

  • Machine learning:

    • Identifying patterns and automating mission-critical decisions through the use of algorithms.

  • Data analytics software:

    • Building software specific to your organisation’s needs and utilising it to better analyse, understand and gain value from your data.

  • Predictive analytics:

    • Analysing current and historical data to help predict future events.

  • Aura:

    • Our in-house developed capability which collects a large and diverse array of data sets from the Internet – acquired, prepared and stored ready for querying and analysing – to form a structured customer assessment.

Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead | 21/05/2024

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