My first month at Naimuri....

Nicola Diment / Delivery Manager | 25/07/2022

My first month at Naimuri by Nichola Diment - Delivery Manager

What can I say? Naimuri.
Definitely the right choice for me. I have never worked somewhere before where you as a person are valued so much. I hear quite often, and echoed by all that I have spoken to, that getting the right people in is THE most important thing about making this company a special place to work.

My first phone call with Ian Wilson was very informative: Ian was interested to hear who I was and what I had to offer. It was a lovely, friendly and informal chat and I was intrigued to find out more and was delighted to hear that I was soon to be interviewed. Round two here we go!

Rachel, who is one of the founders of Naimuri and head of people, interviewed me first and what a great chat we had. We actually went well over the time slot that we had because there was so much to talk about and with so much positivity, Naimuri had ticked all the boxes for me. Career progression is important to me and the chance to build on this is well and truly encouraged. Mental health and general wellbeing is recognised as having a massive impact on your performance and Naimuri are all over this with a wealth of wellbeing groups. Hiking groups, running groups, gaming groups, in-house yoga, you name it…it’s there and gives you the opportunity to strengthen the team bonds which can be so hard with the new norm of hybrid working. I for one as a mum of three love the flexibility that Naimuri can offer. It makes me want to work harder for a group of people that are doing amazing things. Honestly, the talent here is phenomenal and hearing about it all blows my mind. I am lucky to be a part of this and witness the technical experts make magic happen.

As an ex-Intelligence Analyst for a combined 12 years within the Royal Air Force and the Civil Service, making the UK a safer place has been one of the key drivers and passion for my role. Now as a Delivery Manager for Naimuri, I am once again working with this key drive at the heart of everything they do here and better still, with my background I understand the importance of the work we do here and what it provides for the customer in both government and law enforcement agencies.


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