Infrastructure as Code: How does it enable DevOps?

Phillip Price / Platforms Engineer | 02/11/2023

We are proud to sponsor the Cloud and DeveOps track day at the Manchester Tech Festival and to support the second year of this fantastic festival.

We have two of the Naimuri team speaking, one of which is Phillip Price, who will be talking about....

"Infrastructure as Code: How does it enable DevOps?"

With the introduction of IaC, infrastructure teams have been able to take advantage of the many features available to application developers when managing a code base. The ability to develop, provision and test infrastructure in an agile manner, has brought with it the promised benefits of DevOps.

In this talk, Phillip Price will share his journey to modern infrastructure management.

This is a high-level talk, which will introduce IaC, and the benefits it can have on practices such as Change Management, Incident Management, and the overall Developer and User experience.

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