Software Development


Ensuring your data is easily accessible is no mean feat. The necessary processing pipelines and platforms need to be in place to deliver the right data to the right location at the right time – as do the means to curate and analyse the intel to gain valuable insights.

Your data driven decisions can only be trusted if the information brought together from your various source systems is properly integrated, consolidated, assessed, cleansed and structured.

How can we help?

We don’t like to brag, but we’ve built up a bit of an enviable reputation for handling and modelling vast amounts of data quickly and securely. 

This experience of handling huge volumes of complex data has enabled us to develop a unique data lifecycle approach, which we now use across all our data engineering projects. Coupled with our proprietorial data analytics platform, we regularly find answers to questions that were previously unanswerable.

Full stack development

HTML, Java, Javascript, REST, Elastic.

Cloud Native

Azure, AWS.


React, Redux, Javascript.

Rapid prototyping


Test automation


Database design

Elastic, MongoDb, Oracle.

Infrastructure as code

Terraform, Jenkins.


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