How good are your development, security and operations people at collaborating? That is really collaborating, on a constant basis? Is it hard-wired into their DNA?

If you’re working traditionally the chances are it will be in two main silos. The development silo (build, test, package) and the operational silo (provision, secure, deploy, maintain). The issue is, each team will most likely be focused on delivering against their own portion of the work, leading to lack of cohesion and an ‘I did my bit, that’s not my problem’ mentality if and when challenges arise. And there’s a major element missing too. Security. This generally gets tagged on at the end, when in fact it ought to be woven through every stage of the process. Making the shift from separation to collaboration doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need somebody to smooth the way, share agile techniques, recommend the right tools and establish best practices. And guess what? That’s exactly what we do ☺

How can we help?

We put the Sec into your DevOps right from the outset, making it an essential part of the tools and practices. Core security tasks are automated to boost security controls and processes and reduce the risk of misadministration and attacks.

From the very beginning we integrate your DevOps and security teams to deliver embedded security at speed. And along the way we create and reinforce a security mindset and culture – sharing, informing and educating your people so it all becomes second nature to them.

Establishing cross-functional teams by setting up agile integration of development, security and operations.

Building everything as code with security as the foundation.

Introducing automation to improve accuracy and save time, resource and money.

Ensuring early and regular engagement.

Raising awareness of best practices and delivering training at the point of need.


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