You’re probably already aware of the benefits of working in the cloud, but the thought of managing your systems as well as a remote infrastructure owned by other organisations is a major concern. Does that sound like you? If so, you’re not alone. The mind-shift is massive.

Cloud machines start-up and tear-down at a moment’s notice. It’s a whole new modus operandi – requiring vastly different approaches to architecture, development, deployment and ongoing maintenance. Old ways of thinking are tested, historic working methods no longer apply, and there are challenges at every turn.

How can we help?

We’re cloud natives at Naimuri so the elastic nature of cloud infrastructure doesn’t faze us. We have access to the latest tools, techniques and insights through our strategic partnerships with the major cloud providers. 

As with everything we do, security is paramount. We draw on our DevSecOps capability to build this in at the outset, identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities without the necessity for downtime.  The serverless architecture we set up has the provider dynamically managing machine resources without drawing on your resources. There’s nothing we haven’t got covered. In fact we throw the Kitchen Sink at it (no pun intended – that’s the name of our exclusive cloud infrastructure testing approach …).

Cloud security

ensuring your highly sensitive systems and data are secure on a public cloud infrastructure.


for greater portability, security and efficiency of your applications.

Serverless technologies

enabling you to lower running costs and reduce attack surfaces.

Cloud infrastructure testing

managing the demands of working in the cloud.


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