Agile Ways of Working


Being lean and agile isn’t just a statement, it’s a constant way of being, and it’s critical in a world where change is inevitable and the only question is how fast can you adapt? But to do that you need a lean and agile culture.

The most successful agile cultures are underpinned by collaborative intent. The nirvana is an environment where the goal and the team are more important than individuals and their ego. This makes for a joint motivation to move forward as a team towards a common objective and is the biggest step towards instilling lean and agile ways of working. Are your people there yet?

How can we help?

When it comes to being agile, we’re practically leopard-like (we could have said horsefly because that’s actually the most agile living thing on the planet, but it didn’t sound as good – you get the picture though …).

Our default is to value people over processes so we’ll help your people embed the behaviours and mindsets that support an ongoing agile working environment. Context is all important, so we take time to understand what your context is and then get to work implanting best of breed working practices and applying the most effective lean and agile principles. Our agile ways of working are designed to make sure you have a continuous flow of delivery and enjoy ongoing business benefits from the get-go. Just so you know, it’s the Naimuri way to always be open and transparent – and brutally honest when we need to be – but we know you can take it, because we’ll all be working collaboratively to deliver the same end goal. 

Our Capability Development Services at a Glance

Agile and Kanban training and coaching.

Embedding a culture of continuous improvement.

Establishing collaboration at all levels – always valuing people over processes.

Applying context-driven working practices across lean and agile principles.


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