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James Ramsden / Data Science Capability Lead | 15/08/2022

James Ramsden is a Data Science Capability Lead at Naimuri and has been with the business for over six and a half years.

What attracted you to work for Naimuri?
The mission.

How did you find the recruitment process?
Informal, although it's moved on a lot, but it’s still nice and relaxed.

Briefly describe what you do day-to-day?
Development and realisation of the data science capability roadmap. Recruitment (writing job specs, reading CVs, interviewing), business development (meeting customers, bidding on projects), leading the data science team and (sometimes) project teams, and, of course, doing some cutting-edge data science.

What interested you about a career in tech?
Initially, solving problems with code. Later on, extracting insight and intelligence from data using scientific methodology, and the ethics of AI.

What areas of technology are you most passionate about?
ML, MLOps, ML assurance, collaborative data analytics.

What five skills do you need to do your job?
ML assurance
Data analytics

What’s the best thing about working at Naimuri?
Common sense approach to realising our mission, as well and as quickly as possible.

What makes Naimuri unique from other technology companies?

That being mission-led is a philosophy, not a strapline.

What are your career aspirations?
Making Naimuri a preferred vendor for data science in the UK government.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in technology?

Love the tech by all means, but love the reasons why you'd use it even more.

What would you say to someone considering applying for a job at Naimuri?
Why wait?

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