The importance of managing stress

Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead | 24/04/2023

April is Stress Awareness month and the theme this year is ACTNOW because Action Changes Things.

Wellbeing is a state of action and not a state of being. It is impossible to think ourselves out of a state of stress; we need to take action to make changes.

Earlier this month we invited Sarah Knight, L&D consultant, NLP practitioner and human skills trainer to come in to talk to us about what we can do to effectively lead ourselves out of stress and how this can positively impact our mental wealth.

In the breakfast session, Sarah looked at how we can lead ourselves forward through our stressors, how we can set boundaries and manage expectations for stress management.

She not only looked at just WHAT we can do, but HOW we can do it to build a powerful toolkit that will help us, including how to build stress reducing habits.

Are you ready to take action today to help yourself manage better tomorrow?


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Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead


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Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead


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