Supporting parents in the workplace

Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead | 22/03/2023

Lisa Wood CMPRCA spoke to Prolific North recently about the issues she faced when made redundant during pregnancy and having to continually explain herself to recruiters about why she wouldn’t work full-time.

When she landed her current (part-time) role here at Naimuri, she said: "I couldn’t of felt happier and that it’s an amazing place to work, a really supportive environment and a place where there are open conversations about varying ways of working".

Lisa also said that: "Flexible working isn’t just about hybrid working. It’s about looking at the diverse needs of a workforce in 2023, identifying skills gaps and exploring a range of ways in which to fill them with the best talent".

There are huge skills gaps in the tech industry and other sectors too, so let's keep having conversations about ways of working and supporting talent to allow them to shine, feel valued and to deliver great work in an environment which suits their needs.

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Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead


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Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead


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