Naimuri joins the police industry charter to commit to best practices

Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead | 29/05/2024

Software development and data intelligence solutions company Naimuri, has signed up to the police industry charter to formalise its commitment to the standards, best practices and principles for collaboration set out for UK policing and the technology industry.

Naimuri specialises in creating data intelligence solutions for customers in government and law enforcement and its mission is to make the UK a safer and better place by developing software, cloud and data analytics solutions that deliver transformative mission impact.

Ian Billsborough, Homeland Security Lead at Naimuri, said: “Naimuri is delighted to sign the police industry charter. It demonstrates how seriously we take our commitment to our customers within the law enforcement sector, particularly how we will continue to achieve high standards and meet best practices when creating new innovative technologies and solutions for our customers across law enforcement”.

The Police Industry Charter, managed and monitored by BlueLight Commercial in conjunction with the NPCC, APCC, the Home Office and the Office of the Police Chief Scientific Adviser, was launched in March 2024 and sets the foundational principles upon which industry partners and UK policing can collectively adhere to.

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Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead


Lisa Wood / Marketing and Communications Lead


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