Life as a Naimuri Software Engineer.....

Paul Williams / Software Engineer | 24/01/2023

What is your role at Naimuri?
Software Engineer.

How did you find the recruitment process?
It has changed alot since I joined, however it was a very laid back interview.
I was just a graduate at the time.

Briefly describe what you do day-today?
As a software engineer I help create new features, maintain and fix those pesky bugs

What areas of technology are you most passionate about?
Software, I love creating something from scratch and watching it grow and evolve.

What are the top five skills you need to do your job well?

1. Patience

2. Limit your own ego

3. Willing to learn

4. Willing to fail

5. Communication

What is the best thing about Naimuri?
100% , it's the people who work here.

What is the career progression like?
I started as a graduate engineer, I am now technical lead on a project.
It's been a crazy 5 years, however it's been a blast.

What makes Naimuri different from other technology companies?
The freedom to fail fast.

What are your career aspirations?
Continue to learn and grow.

Do you think there is enough education at school about careers in tech?

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in technology?
Go for it! Everyone starts somewhere.

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