I cashed in my chips as a croupier to become a software engineer....

Kay Vose / Software Engineer | 22/08/2022

Kay Vose is a software engineer here at Naimuri and states that you don't have to come from a traditional route, to start a career within the sector.

Kay was originally a casino croupier before she was made redundant, so started to explore other career options. She loved puzzles and problem-solving and was told her skills would fit well in the world of technology.

We're certainly glad she changed careers and Co-Founder of Naimuri, Ian Makin said "Kay joined Naimuri and just instantly took to the culture and thrived – she is without doubt a true ambassador of Naimuri and the definition of what good looks like!”

Read her story and all about her career transition in Business Cloud: https://businesscloud.co.uk/ne...

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